Let’s start with the important stuff:

My priorities in life are God, family, my clients, and then everything else, in that order. And my driving values? Love, Generosity, and Excellence. (More about those in a bit.)

I have a thriving real estate practice here in Lynchburg because, I believe, people can feel how deeply, truly I care. I care... a lot. I care about buying and selling homes in a professional and principled way. I care about you, and I care about the housing decision you're about to make. And, I care about what happens after the sale. 

Real Estate is a neighborly profession, and, for me, it’s a calling. Making close and caring connections with people all over our community is the heart of my work. And it’s the heart of my deep Christian faith.


Wondering what to do next? Let's have coffee. My treat!

Let's get to know one another. Even if you are not about to buy or sell a house today... that's okay, let me treat you to coffee anyway. Then, when you are ready to buy or sell, the real estate side of things becomes much easier because you already have an advocate who knows you and cares.

Relationships always come first because they matter the most, and in our community, we’re all neighbors.

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