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Love Changes Everything.

The love of a friend literally changed my life. And while she is no longer with us today, Lydia still inspires me to be better and kinder, and to serve alongside others doing the faithful work of transforming the lives of those who are the most vulnerable. Truly, I can think of no better way to live a life… and, I get the privilege of remembering and honoring my friend.

In 2015, I founded an initiative called the Lydia’s Kids Project that was established to honor the life and legacy of my dear friend Lydia by building an orphanage for some vulnerable girls in India.  And on March 23, 2017, Lydia's Home for Girls was officially completed and dedicated.

Pictures will be coming soon...

As a real estate agent, I help people buy and sell houses.  However, for these clients, these houses are their homes… they are safe havens where love abounds and opportunities are fostered.  ‘Home’ is precisely the environment that approximately 100 million children in this world will never experience.  However, as a result of the Lydia's Kids Project and Lydia's Home for Girls, several young girls have now been rescued out of some of the most deplorable conditions imaginable and have been given opportunities that have the potential to change their lives (and the lives of others) for generations to come.

If you would like to know more about Lydia's Home for Girls, please connect with me by clicking the button below.