Sometimes it makes sense for you to be referred to a different agent. For example, you decide to move out of the area… or, maybe you prefer to work with a female agent. Whatever the case, I can refer you to a rockstar REALTOR® and you can get CASH BACK at closing.

How much CASH BACK are we talking about?

Use the slide bars below to estimate the monies available to you and your favorite charity.

This is literally free money to you and your favorite charity. And, you will get a rockstar REALTOR®! EVERYBODY WINS. Plus, there is never any expense to you for our services, ever.

* The CASH BACK REFERRAL is only available to a party of the transaction. On rare occasions, lender rules or state law may prohibit the cash back referral. In those instances, 100% of what would normally be due will be donated to your favorite 501(c)(3) charity.