100% Transparency

I believe that open communication, the sharing of information, and 100% transparency make working relationships stronger and establishes a platform for trust between people. This is why I have chosen to publish my commission rates (and other information) online.


Will Easter Charges these Non-Negotiable Rates


(5.18% on the first $500K; and, 3.97% on the remainder)

SALE PRICE: $0-$500K

($6K on the first $100K; and, 4.97% on the remainder)

Additionally, you will receive the following:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Proven Marketing Plan (click/tap here)

  • Agent donation to your favorite 501(c)(3) charity (minimum of $250)

  • Schedule an Appointment now to take advantage of a LIMITED TIME OFFER worth THOUSANDS!!

  • and much more

There is no ‘standard’ commission. And while commission rates are extremely important, you should not select an agent based solely upon a commission rate.

However, if a REALTOR’S® integrity, expertise, proven marketing plan, and overall ability to save you time, money and frustration are important to you, then we need to talk.