BUY or SELL a home with me, and I’LL MOVE YOU for FREE!!


What’s the worst thing about moving? The actual moving of your stuff!! It’s just the worst! And let’s just be honest for a moment: NO ONE WANTS TO HELP YOU MOVE! You ask your friends and family and everyone has better things to do. Or, they’ll say something like: yeah, I’ll try to stop by… but they never show. Then, you try to coerce them with pizza and beer… and, the whole process is just a nightmare! Oh, and what if it rains? No one’s showing up! Or, what if closing is delayed… you’ll have to start all over and go through the whole process again… not to mention having to pay additional fees for the truck you’ve already rented. What a nightmare!

What if you didn’t have to worry about any of that? What if you could save all of the time, money, and frustration associated with moving?

Imagine: professional movers with all of the right equipment and muscle; licensed and insured; ready, willing and able to move you out of your old place and into your new place… for FREE! Would that make the move easier for you? Would it be easier on your family? And as a bonus, your friends would still like you because you didn’t try and coerce them into helping you.

Allow me to take this burden off of your shoulders.

BUY or SELL a home with me, and I’LL MOVE YOU for FREE!!

no other realtor® in the triad offers more value!